Streamiz.Kafka.Net is a .NET stream processing library for Apache Kafka (TM). Streamiz.Kafka.Net is cross-platforms and based on .Net Standard 2.0, .NET 5 and .NET 6.

With a few lines of code, you may to create your first .NET streamiz application.

Nuget package

dotnet add package Streamiz.Kafka.Net

Tutorial: First streamiz application

This tutorial will describe all the steps required to create a first streamiz application with a simple case :

static async Task Main(string[] args)
    // Stream configuration
    var config = new StreamConfig<StringSerDes, StringSerDes>();
    config.ApplicationId = "test-app";
    config.BootstrapServers = "localhost:9092";

    StreamBuilder builder = new StreamBuilder();

    // Stream "test" topic with filterNot condition and persist in "test-output" topic.
    builder.Stream<string, string>("test")
        .FilterNot((k, v) => v.Contains("test"))

    // Create a table with "test-ktable" topic, and materialize this with in memory store named "test-store"
    builder.Table("test-ktable", InMemory.As<string, string>("test-store"));

    // Build topology
    Topology t = builder.Build();

    // Create a stream instance with toology and configuration
    KafkaStream stream = new KafkaStream(t, config);

    // Subscribe CTRL + C to quit stream application
    Console.CancelKeyPress += (o, e) =>

    // Start stream instance with cancellable token
    await stream.StartAsync();